Options to suit every business!

VAP Standard

VAP Standard

Primarily for solentrepreneurs in the early stages, we have a limited number of low cost seats to our online tools (Virtual Advisory Panel) to provide the framework and guidance to getting your structures in place. Read below for more details.  
VAP Premium

VAP Premium

Your business is growing and you need structure. You are time poor, and need some support. You know you need to get more focused. This online solution will provide both ease of self-management and the support you need.
MAP Standard

MAP Standard

You are feeling isolated and uncertain at times. You need clarity and support when critical decisions are to be made. You also want more structure and certainty that you are on the right track. The value of shared experiences with other SMEs can be priceless. Join a mentoring advisory panel.
MAP Premium

MAP Premium

MAP Standard gets you a Panel. Premium membership gives you the maximum options for support from your Chairperson and other Advisors to ensure you have regular support and monitoring of your key business health indicators to keep you on track.

Virtual Advisory Panels

You want structure! You can hold yourself accountable!

Working with hundreds of SMEs we’ve realised that nearly everyone starts small … and often without any roadmap or structure to guide their journey and protect their scarce resources. The concept of having Virtual Advisory Panels (VAP) came from this realisation. We need to provide all SMEs support, regardless of their development stage.

The STANDARD level for a VAP is limited due to the incredibly low priced offer it represents. You have unlimited email support, unlimited mentoring telephone support in 15 minute windows, with assignments to move you forward at each call. You have limited access to our online tools and basic dashboard for tracking your leading indicators.

The reason though it is low cost, is because YOU are the driver … we will not be holding you accountable to do the work. You need to be driven and results focused. You join for 12 months (subject to approval) and when you sign up, there is a 30 min assessment call to clarify your business model, your vision, your challenges and whether we mutually believe we can work together.

If either of us decide it isn’t a fit after that call, then you get a 100% refund. That call is your opportunity to be satisfied that the VAP STANDARD model is the right solution for you.

This model will launch December 1st, 2019.

You need structure! You want accountability and support!

Businesses that are ready to grow encounter more complex problems than start-ups. You start looking at employing people, acquiring premises or entering into expensive leases for premises and equipment. The risks are greater. The decisions have more implications. You need to track more leading indicators to make sure their ‘machine’ is going to keep pumping funds into their growth. But you don’t have the passion or time to be on a physical Advisory Panel yet. Your solution would be the VAP PREMIUM model which gives you the complete range of tools, unlimited email support and unlimited mentoring support in 15 minute windows, with assignments between calls.

You also have access to any Advisor in our listed resources (subject to availability) and you will be invited to our member events where you will get to build relationships with other SMEs and education from our Alliance Partners.

We provide a wide range of additional business education in legal, accounting, HR and insolvency protection. These sessions are a privilege you will share with the MAP Panelists.


For the full range of services available under the VAP Model see below for the schedule.

MAP Standard

Define Your Success

Plan your future, 5 years out, 1 year out and then 90 days out. Success comes in small steps, with discipline and focus. Having accountability partners working with you in your Panel you will each motivate, inspire and support your 90 day 'steps', every month!

Commit to Being Active

Joining a gym and looking at the equipment won't make you fit! To be part of an Advisory Panel you must participate in striving to meet your commitments, but also committing yourself to investing in your colleagues. Without the community participation component you will not be an active Panel member and will fail to succeed and affect the success of others.

Be Accountable

Panel members make a commitment to each other ... 80% attendance and sharing insights into specific elements of their business systems each month. Reciprocating your time, experience and skills is part of the formula for successful Panels which enables innovation across industries. Be prepared to be held accountable for your contribution.


MAP Premium

A Broad Range of Advisors

Building a network of competent, successful business people, who are prepared to help others, is challenging. The extensive business networks and experience that have been developed over a lifetime will become available to you through the Premium model, where you can book one-to-ones with Advisors of your choice, receive support calls as needed and unlimited email support.

As a Premium member you have extensive access to any resource we can influence to assist you overcome challenges, seize opportunities or mitigate issues. You will typically be someone who is driven to grow, scale and be successful … you want every chance of making the right decisions every time, to maximise your outcomes, and avoid slipping backwards.

You will enjoy priority access to any improvements, and be instrumental in providing guidance and feedback as we enhance the services to benefit your business. Your contact with the Chair of your panel will be significantly higher than other levels of membership, which provides greater insight and inspiration for improvement purely through the deeper awareness this level of engagement creates.

Other Services

MAP Institute is not a personal business coaching service. However, we have specialist connections who deliver the complete range of services your business may require at any time in your journey. If you need any of the following we will find the right ‘fit’ for your business through our extensive network of trusted suppliers:

  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • General Insurers
  • HR Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Web Developers
  • Commercial Fitout Specialists
  • IT Consultants
  • Legal Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Outsourcing Specialists
  • … and many more!